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        Shijiazhuang Tieqi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

        MNS low-voltage switchgear cabinet

        MNS low-voltage switchgear cabinet
        Product Detailed

        Versatile, flexible, high-intensity flame-retardant plastic components, safety and interantional standard

        It has the world advanced level combined low pressure switch cabinet system, and it is suitable for all electricity generation, the power distribution and the electric power using situation, for example:

        * primary and secondary kinetic tank, power distribution cabinet

        * electric motor power supply and motor control center

        * split-ring or closed-loop control system electron cabinet

        * public utilities

        * electrical power system

        * petroleum chemical industry

        * ships, petroleum oil drilling platform

        * Industrial and mining establishment

        * sewage treatment

        * building, housing and so on


        Technical parameters:

        * Standard:IEC439,GB7251-1997,JB/T9661-1999

        *  Rated Voltage:380V(660V)

        * Rated insulation voltage:660V(1000V)

        *Rated current: 5500A(IP00),4700A(IP30)

        *Bus short-time withstand current:100KA(rms)

        *Bus short-time peak current:250KA (max)

        *Maximum operating current vertical busbar:1000A

        *Vertical busbar short-time peak current: standard90KA, enhanced 130KA

        *Degree of protection: IP30,IP40,IP54 











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