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        Shijiazhuang Tieqi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

        KYN28A-12(Z) Hi-Voltage metal-enclosed switchgear

        KYN28A-12(Z) Hi-Voltage metal-enclosed switchgear
        Product Detailed

        KYN28A-12 switchgear manufacturer,High voltage switchgear
        Metal-clad and metal-enclosed,Competitive price


         KYN28A-12 indoor metal-clad withdrawable high voltage switchgear


        Product name

        KYN28A-12 indoor metal-clad withdrawable high voltage switchgear






        KYN28A-12 indoor metal-clad withdrawable high voltage switchgear is suitable for 3-phase AC 50Hz/60Hz, 3-12kV single bus bar and single bus bar section electric power system. The removing compartment of the switchgear may be assembled with vacuum circuit breaker and vacuum contactor etc.


        The switchgear is equipped with ABB VD4 vacuum circuit breakers or Worldsure VS1 vacuum circuit breaker, which meets the requirements of China Electric Power System, and such special requirements as "Five Prevention", full enclose, full disconnection, full insulation, full behavior, etc.



        GB3906 A.C. Metal-Enclosed Switchgear for Rated Voltages Of 3~35 kV

        GB/T 11022 General Technical Specifications for High-Voltage Switch Equipment

        IEC60298 A.C. Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear for Rated Voltages Above 1 kV and Up To and Including 50 kV

        DL/T404Indoor AC High Voltage Switchgear Panel



        1. Safe in operation

        2. Prevention measures for misoperation

        3. Safe for operators

        4. Totally metal-clad and metal-enclosed

        5. Enough room for cable connection

        6. Use of standard parts and components, and stock-line equipments


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